• My parents installed a Kinetico water softener in 1989 and continued to have it serviced for 22 years. It worked very well and the customer service was always excellent. (I stopped using the system about 5 years ago not knowing how necessary it was) Unfortunately, I recently found out that our well is contaminated with extremely high levels of nitrates and our water hardness has skyrocketed (compared to the levels we had in the past). With these changes in our water I am having a new system installed. Since we had such a great experience with Kinetico in the past I immediately called and set an appointment. Damian Fernandez came out and tested our water. He thoroughly explained each test in an easy to understand manner and answered all my questions. He also explained the effects our hard water is having on our home and most importantly the effects it is having on our health. I knew the nitrates were dangerous but I had no idea that the hard water was most likely the reason my hair was falling out at an alarming rate as well as why I have developed skin issues in the last several years. Products that I have used since I was a child I suddenly became allergic to, laundry detergents in particular. Not just that, I also have eczema now as well. : ( Damian went through the various system options and helped us find something that would fix our water quality issues. He was very professional and helpful. I feel confident that the system he helped us choose will provide our family with SAFE, clean water for many years. Do your research and you will find that when it comes to water softening/purification Kinetico's systems are by far the best. Their excellent customer service is the icing on the cake.

    Liz M.
    Turlock, CA
  • I recently moved from the Bay Area, where I had the best water... East Bay Mud. To my surprise Modesto water tasted nothing like I had before. I decided I would be buying bottled water for ever... Nope. I purchased a AAA KINETICO WATER SISTEM...I am totally happy with my drinking water.. My shower, sinks all loook clean and shiny with no water build-up. I never had a water system before. If you are looking for better tastier and healthier water please call Victoria and Scott Kripner. They showed me how everything works the benefits and any questions I had there didn't hesitate to go into detail and explained in layman terms.. Yes I really LOVE my system.. don't hesitate to call them... I can confidently say you won't be disappointed.. Susan G

    Susan T.
    Modesto, CA
  • Had a great sales and service experience with AAA Kinetico this week. Damien spent time explaining the Kinetico process, values and differentiating factors from their competition. After doing the test, we found our water in Modesto to need some significant help. The water test results wasn't a major health hazard, but it was a hazard and I'm looking forward to having a successful install with AAA. As of now, the sales and service experience are solid and if you're interested in preserving your current water piping and having clean water in your home, you need to give them a call.

    Jeffry L.
    Modesto, CA
  • Just had a demonstration with a Kinetico rep. Becca Harrison was well informed and one of the most responsive demonstrators I've ever encountered. She knew the product well and was very open to questions. During the program I learned that I was her first demonstration ever. Wow, you sure couldn't tell. I am very interested in getting a water system and she made me a Kinetico believer. I will most likely purchase through her when the time is right. Wow, first time and she hit it out of the ballpark.

    George C.
    Stockton, CA
  • We had a Kinetico Rep come out last year to our home in Stockton, CA. Her name is Victoria and she's very professional, friendly, and fun to be around. She's very knowledgeable about the product and educated us about the water in our area which we already knew was terrible. Bought the reverse osmosis K5 system and the water softener. Beginning to end installation, sales, maintenance, delivery, maintenance.. everybody has been nice, accomodating, and super helpful. Victoria and Sean our tech that services our home are outstanding... We recently moved to North Carolina and I can say there's definitely a difference here compared to the great service we got from AAA. We even referred the homeowners that purchased our home to Victoria and they are happy with their new system also. We never intended to spend that much money on a filtering system ...in hindsight... I'm glad we did I feel safe for us & our pets that we have clean water.

    Lisa G.
    New Bern, NC
  • 5 star rating based on exceptional customer service both from the account manager ( Stephanie Reed) and the service department ( I contacted them with a few questions after installation). Not sure it's the cheapest system but seems to be the most reliable based on feed I got from people I spoke with who've been using their product for years. I've had mine for 2 days so let's see how it goes.

    Chimezie O.
    Fairfield, CA
  • I simply had some questions about Kinetico water softener systems and left a message with AAA, and Tony called me back later that day. He determined pretty early in our conversation that there was a closer Kinetico dealer that would be a more logical choice for future service, yet he still took the time to continue to discuss the pro's and con's of the Kinetico system vs. the variety of other systems that AAA sells for different applications and situations. I had done quite a bit of research on water softener and filter systems before calling, and was very impressed by not just the depth of Tony's knowledge, but also his way of talking me through his logic for what he would do based on his experience without it feeling like he had any bias or conflict of interest. I proceeded to pick his brain and learned a lot from our conversation. I would not hesitate to work with AAA Water Systems for any of my water needs in the future. Thanks again for the wisdom, Tony!

    Martin G.
    Los Altos, CA
  • We had an existing culligan system which was a constant money pit. My brother who is a home inspector recommended we call AAA water and get a kinetico system instead. After filling in a web form I was called within the hour by Damien. He knew we had a young baby and that the issue was relatively urgent. I was scheduled in that Saturday on very short notice. Damien arrived when scheduled and gave us a thorough demonstration. We have had our system in for about a month now along with the drinking water system. The choice was not the cheapest but it is by far a superior product and we felt the investment was well worth it. We are incredibly happy with our kinetico system along with the excellent customer service Damien and his team at AAA have provided.

    Danielle E.
    Tracy, CA

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