Pharmaceuticals in Water Fact Sheet

Recent events have led to a growing concern regarding trace pharmaceutical compounds found in drinking supplies across the United States. While pharmaceuticals have been detected in amounts far below the levels considered harmful to humans and there is no evidence demonstrating these pharmaceuticals pose a significant health risk to humans, we understand many consumers will want to protect their drinking water from any threats, potential or genuine, that compromise drinking water quality. That’s why we’ve created this simple resource, which provides specific information about pharmaceuticals and home water treatment.

The Water Quality Association—the international trade association representing the household, commercial and industrial water quality improvement industry—reports that while specific product performance standards have not been developed for pharmaceuticals, many point-of-use technologies have been proven effective for some of these emerging contaminants. This includes reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

RO membranes such as those utilized in Kinetico’s home water treatment systems have been proven to block molecular compounds having a molecular weight of 100 g/mol or greater. This group includes many of the pharmaceuticals discovered in United States’ drinking water supplies. In addition, a secondary charge-related separation process provided by RO has been shown to repel some contaminants smaller than 100 g/mol.

While no water treatment system can claim to remove 100% of all trace pharmaceuticals, Kinetico’s water treatment systems with RO are among the best solutions on the market. This is because when paired with Kinetico’s patented contaminant-reducing treatments, including the MACguard® filter, consumers can achieve a higher level of protection than RO provides alone.

To ensure drinking water safety, Kinetico offers reverse osmosis filtration systems, an EPA-recommended solution to most effectively remove a large number of contaminants. Kinetico’s home water treatment systems provide customized solutions to combat the specific problems encountered by individual users. Whether homeowners want to protect themselves from known threats such as arsenic or Cryptosporidium or potential threats like pharmaceuticals, Kinetico’s home water treatment systems provide the most comprehensive solutions on the market.


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