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My parents just moved to the Mountain House area in a newly built residential area. We had the pleasure of having Damian Fernandez come out to test our water and explain to us the process of having the Kinetico water softener installed in their new home.

We faced a couple barriers during his presentation and explanation, for example- my parents have a limited ability to speak and understand English, we had another consultant at the house at the same time due to scheduling mistakes on our part, etc.. but throughout the whole time, Damian was nothing short of friendly and patient as I took extra time to translate for my parents, and as we were interrupted often from other consulting services in our home. He thoroughly presented us with all options in pricing and equipment, gave expertise analogies and recommendations, and at the end he respectfully gave us honest quotes and estimates based on my parent’s wishes. This whole system is a new concept and experience for my family, and Damian did an excellent job making sure we understood all pros and cons to each choice. Excellent customer service.

Hannah K

After having several consultations with other companies and not being satisfied with the presentation of the water system, I found AAA Kinetico Water Systems on yelp and decided to give them a try. I felt other companies where just trying to get a sale and tell me how bad my water is which I knew already. (Hence that’s why I picked up the phone and scheduled an appointment with your company)

I am new to Diablo Grande in Patterson, CA and the water here is horrible.

However, when I reached out to AAA Kinetico, and they sent there representative Damian Fernandez out, I was actually pleased.

Damian thoroughly educated me on the products and services that his company provides. Damian was familiar with my area and clearly understood the issues I had been experiencing with having hard water. (sink residue, shower residue, unclean dishes..i.e) Damian also explained the benefits of installing the water system in my home and explained how overtime hard water damages your pipes and sink fixtures. I did not feel pressured to buy and I had a great experience with Damian, he answered all of my questions and is very knowledgeable.

I am happy and confident with my purchase of the water system.

Miss M.

We have had AAA KINETICO WATER system on our well for several years now.
I just really want to thank you, Tony.
He’s has always come to the rescue for me and all of our well’s quirks.
Tony is very knowledgeable and informative .
He follows up on ALL of our issues, which is very comforting .
It seems that Gina has really started to warm upThank you.
Thank all of you … very much !

Judy B.

I have always loved this company and they have always been accommodating. Tony the owner called twice as I had a little snafu booking an appointment. An apology means the world to me, taking ownership means a lot to me as a customer. Highly recommend this company and system. Tony, thanks for calling.

Trish C.

Kinetico was the only company I found that would come out and service a system they didn’t originally install. We bought the house 6 months ago and didn’t know anything about the system other than the brand. The serviceman was very knowledgeable and informative. He wasn’t pushy trying to sell us a new system or salt. I had them supply the salt for convenience even though he admitted it was quite a bit more expensive than Lowe’s or Home Depot. They also serviced our reverse osmosis tank in the kitchen. I would definitely recommend them.

Sharon S.

We contacted AAA to help us select a new water softener to replace our 35 year old Kinetico system. The old system had worked so well we knew we wanted to stay with a Kinetico solution. Damian Fernandez came out and helped us identify the right system to meet our needs. He was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Diane H.

I have been a customer of this company for over 20 years and they are terrific. I just had a RO system installed in my new home and it’s perfect. AAA took the time to pick out a faucet that matched the existing in my house. The plumber (Randy), showed up on time, installed the system, and cleaned up his workspace better than it looked before he started. Tony, you’re doing things right over there. Keep up the good work.

Ted C.

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